The company was founded in 2012. Since then, we have managed to earn the trust of numerous satisfied customers. We place or servers in the best DCs in the Western Europe, owing to which, our services are always top-notch.

Business Philosophy

Create solutions that are available to a wide range of customers, who value top quality and availability of services.


We try to provide you with the top-notch solutions using cutting-edge technologies. Our offer is permanently modified to respond to our customers’ needs. We are not hesitant to use innovative solutions.

Our key assets

Professional consulting and administrative staff available 24/7 (via the ticketing system from the customer’s panel).

LiveChat and telephone contact with our team on weekdays, Monday to Friday from 08.00 AM until 04.00 PM

The average answer time is 30 minutes.

Servers provided with 1Gbit/s Internet connection.

Up to 10 days of free and non-commital testing.

A Litespeed Enterprise WWW server (up to 9 times faster than Apache, PHP efficiency increased up to 50%).

Transfer assistance.

The top quality and availability of provided services is guaranteed.

Daily backup maintained using external servers.

Genuine unlimited transfer.

Free Let's Encrypt certificates

Our services are fully GDPR compliant.

Feel free to contact us. Our consultants will gladly answer you questions and help you choose the plan that is the most convenient to you.

Why should you choose our offer?

High Quality Equipment

We use only top-notch server equipment including servers operating on SSD disks.

Partnership Options

Activate a free account in our partnership programme and earn 10% of commission for recommending our services.

Convenient Payment Options

To make payments as comfortable as possible, we provided you with the PayPal and tpay.com method options.

Free 10-Day Testing

To make you certain about our services, we provide you with the 10-day free access to our services.

Professional Support

We offer a convenient support and assistance system available via online tickets, LiveChat, and by telephone.

European DCs

Our servers are located in the best DCs in the Western Europe.

Latest News

Nowe pakiety cPanel DirectAdmin

Double hosting packages

/ 5 May 2021

We are pleased to announce that today our clients have gained, free of charge, double the surface of their servers. As of today, an updated offer is also available, taking into account the above change....