VPS servers are a perfect solution for the individuals looking for flexible solutions. A VPS server enables you to use your own configuration. It provides a perfect environment for complex enterprises that require a larger amount of resources. A KVM VPS server guarantees that such a requirement is met.

We provide three versions of VPS KVM servers. Linux VPS KVM Servers provide a perfect solution to those who can configure and manage servers on their own. It is also an ideal option for application developers. VPS KVM Windows Servers are prepared for the customers who require Windows OS for their applications. Finally, managed VPS KVM Servers are a good option for the ones who prefer to concentrate on their own businesses and leave the server management duties to our company. This server option also includes the comfortable DirectAdmin tool for management purposes.

If you are unsure which solution is best for you, contact our Sales Department.

VPS KVM Linux Servers

A Linux VPS KVM Server from our offer is a perfect solution to those of you who can configure and manage servers on their own. Linux VPS KVM servers are provided in the root option, which means that the delivered server has minimum settings prepared and the rest of its configuration is free to be conducted by the users the way they see fit. Linux VPS KVM Servers will be an ideal tool for a developer, a rookie administrator, or for hosting of applications.

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VPS KVM Windows Servers

A Windows VPS KVM Server from our offer is the platform provided with the Windows Server 2016 OS. It is a great option for the individuals looking for a VPS Server for hosting applications that require a Windows system to operate. Ordering a server, you will also receive a comfortable server control panel. The full administrative access, on the other hand, will enable you to customize the server to your needs and preferences.

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Managed VPS KVM Servers

Our Managed VPS KVM Servers provide a perfect solution for those of our customers who need to start a VPS server but do not wish to spend time on its configuration and management. With the Manged VPS KVM option, you will receive a fully configured server and the comfortable DirectAdmin Panel panel tool. Moreover, our company takes the responsibility for keeping your server up-to-date, making backups, and its supervision thanks to our 24/7 monitoring systems.

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